Monday, June 6, 2011

Revolutionizing Medical Data Maintenance with Electronic Medical Records

Only a few years ago, doctors were burdened with the tedious task of maintaining a medical file for every patient with their prescription, test report and various other medical records. Each time the patient came with a new ailment, the doctor was required to manually refer to such files prior to staring the diagnosis. Thankfully, with technological advancements, electronic medical records have made it extremely for medical professionals to maintain medical history of patients. Now, reading, sharing and discussing a patient’s condition is possible with just a few clicks of a mouse!

The ever evolving healthcare needs have made electronic medical recordsan indispensable part of the modern healthcare system. However, like all other innovative technologies, this system has also had its own share of criticism and negative publicity. This opposition can be mainly attributed to the restricted knowledge that people have about this system. Add to this the rumors and misinformation spread by sources that stand to benefit from the failure of the system. Only when one experiences the process can one understand how maintaining health records electronically makes things easier for the entire network of health care systems and facilities.

This innovative system makes it easy to access information to the vast network of physicians, who can then use the information to help some of their own patients. If patients want to keep their health information private, then they can be given a unique Id code displaying only the symptoms and the suggested diagnosis and treatments to the referring medical practitioners.

However, in order to extract maximum benefits from electronic medical records it is imperative for the system to work efficiently as per the specific needs of the user. For, this to happen, doctors and other medical professionals should get a clear understanding of the various benefits offered by the system to adopt the software with an open mind.

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