Thursday, September 20, 2012

Frequently Asked Questions about Outsourcing Medicare Billing

If you run a hospital or clinic, then it is evident that you must be aware with all the duties or responsibilities need to carry to make it a successful and friendly venture. A lot of concern is required for its adequate management in terms of recruitment of sufficient staff members, maintenance of patient records with all the major and major details, track of all the basic medical services provided to patients with good care and assistance and so on.

Sometimes it becomes difficult for medical practitioner or doctor to carry out the assigned duties perfectly. As a result he seeks help from someone to do so. He plans to hire services of outsource company to undertake various administrative and clinical works of health care industry. Hire a company to outsource work may not be a difficult task till you get the answers to following questions such as:

Why to get Medicare billing work outsourced?
Since, we all know that outsource of the work is only done when it’s become difficult to handle, a reliable medical billing outsource company is responsible to offer the physician with accurate and efficient perspective to handle all the records or regular basis. It eliminates the time and money wastage.

What are the basic outsourcing services?
As all providers have different rules and regulations for its working so, it is best to look for the outsource company, which is flexible enough to offer state of the art services at affordable rates. It offers the record keeping, staffing and in office billing services by charging a certain amount of fees for it.

What are the outsourcing rates?
Usually a company should charge on percentage base of receipts. It waits till you get paid fully. There are several factors to keep in mind when you charge such as service type, adjustment charges, and amount of services undertaken and up to what time.

What privacy norms are undertaken by the outsource company?
To maintain the confidential information and data, a company takes the back up of all the receivable accounts records daily to avoid any displacement or destruction of important files.

Which mode of payment is used?
The outsource company bears the flexible mode of payment that is cheques transfers, online bank transfers, or courier facility. It ensures the cheques or payment is made specifically on your name or company name, whichever is suitable. Once a payment is dispatched you are intimated via e-mail or phone call.

How to get started?
It is quite simple contact us via email or call and our representative will assist you with the required information. Just provide the requisite detail about the type of services required in admin or clinical sector with all the special concerns.

Thus, it is never too late to get the Medicare billing outsource from the reputed company to enjoy the hassle free working of the clinical or health institution. For more information, Click here

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Discover the Vetting Criteria to Find the Right Medical Billing Service for Your Practice – II

This article is in continuation to the article written earlier under the same title and the introduction.

When Juan Pablo, MD, first opened his medical practice in the US, 7-years ago, his billing system was completely a mess. His practice did not at all follow up aggressively enough with his patients, who failed to pay the fees, as well as insurance company payments were continuously delayed by claims fraught with coding errors and misplaced numbers.

Fortunately, all of this took a U-turn when he decided to outsource his medical billing requirements to a well-established service provider. And since then, for Mr. Juan, there has been no looking back, as he is earning more money and the collections have increased by 30% and he is being paid faster. In this part of article, we would be continue to discuss the key vetting criteria that can greatly help to find the best billing service for any kind of health care facility or a medical practice.

  • Ask for References -

  • Though a few big national companies exist, most billing firms are local operations in the US. Do your homework – avail references not only from your fellow doctors, but from your type of practice, specific specialty and type of payer.

    Moreover, ensure that your contract includes a “cancellation/termination clause”, in case; the service provider does not deliver satisfied results. Additionally, you can negotiate a clause that alleviates rates after a particular period -say, 6-months if certain accounts receivables or collection ratios targets are not met.

  • Decide How Much Service You Entail -

  • Billing firms offer multiple levels of service: filling claims and availing bills out of patients; accounts receivable management and follow-up and collections. Account receivable management services include ensuring that claims are clear, charges are coded accurately and fee schedules are updated regularly.

    Furthermore, within each of service offered, you also have an array of options. Some companies will provide you with a computer so that one of your employees can do the data entry task; others will take your super-bills or charge slips in batches by courier and manually store them into their computers. Some billing firms offer both options.

    Be sure you are availing true value of every penny spend. In case, a billing service is charging 15% of total collections, for instance, you must expect to avail comprehensive accounts receivable management.

    In the last part of the article, we will be continuing the same discussion. However, for more details on medical billing, you can visit