Monday, December 14, 2009

Active Management: An Able Companion in Medical Billing Services.

Active Management, a reputed company amongst doctors and medical practitioners, announces the launch of its advance medical claim services to endorse its pledge of providing a comprehensive medical billing solution for all your medical billing needs. Active Management has emerged as trustworthy medical claim services provider over the last many years. Their expertise as medical billing consultant is unparalleled.

They have some of the best electronic medical billing specialist to provide timely and accurate solution to all medical insurance billing problems. They have sufficient staff with vast experience to attend all type of claims including radiology, nephrology, cardiology, chemotherapy or vision care. Active Management is dedicated to meet service needs and standards of their customer. Active Management provides precise medical and claim billing services at a very reasonable cost. Their target is to maximize clients’ profit, effectiveness of their medical billing practices, reduce insurance claim rejections, minimize operating costs, boost claim reimbursements and above all save their valuable time that they can devote to their patients. Active Management provides consultancy requirements for HIPPA compliance. Their electronic medical billing specialists are experts in HIPPA compliance when it comes to medical insurance billing which help in eliminating aged claim.

Active Management is well equipped to handle ever changing medical billing codes requirements and HIPPA compliance ensuring no rejection of insurance claims thus increasing revenues. Active Management provides high quality and most modern software or web based medical billing services to provide the clients with right medical billing solutions. There medical billing software are loaded with all those much needed security features to provide foolproof medical billing solutions. To keep pace with the industry changes, their billing software is updated from time to time.

Active Management has taken medical billing practices to the next level by providing complete financial reporting through their advanced billing software. Active Management can be the right and able partner in sorting out all the billing woes while providing the customer with the much needed confidence in medical insurance billing and medical billing practices. For more information on Active Management visit Contact Information

Active Management

14-15 116

St College Point, NY 11356

Telephone: 718-353-2702

Fax: 718-353-3014


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