Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Advantages Of Electronic Medical Records Systems

Storing data and information safely is not a difficult task anymore with the coming of the digital age. Now, one can safely store away any amount of data using digital technology. Although initiated some 40 years back, the concept of electronic medical records has only recently gained importance as a way of storing the medical records of a patient by medical facilities. The system has made life easy for medical practitioners through many advantages offered by it. Read on to get an insight as to how this system is better than the traditional method of storing medical records on paper.

1. Storing medical records electronically helps to do away with the errors associated with manually recorded paper records. Electronic records are not only more accurate and correctly spelled but are also free from the problem of illegibility and use of differing terminologies.

2. Over a period of time paper records can get lost, destroyed or can even fade away. On the other hand, electronic medical records help in maintaining even the minutest details about patients’ health for decades together, something which is almost impossible with paper records.

3. Maintenance is another issue faced with medical records stored on paper. They require lot of storage space and also make it difficult to shift bulk records from one place to another. Electronic medical records make it possible to record bulk medical records on a small disk. This allows the doctor to easily upload the data on the internet as well to carry it around without much inconvenience and hassle.

4. The most important benefit of maintaining electronic records is that it can help save lives as doctors can refer to similar cases instantly and look for possible treatments that can be started immediately. In case of paper records, much precious time would be wasted in finding a similar case, let only seeking treatment advice.

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  1. EMR can contribute betterment and advancement in field of medicine..and some studies have shown that electronic records can save lives!Technology in health care I think will definitely lead to better care.
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