Monday, May 23, 2011

The Significance Of Electronic Medical Records In Providing Efficient Healthcare

In the modern times, computers have changed the way of working in every field and industry. This is especially true for medical care facilities as the tremendous advances in technology and the use of latest computerized treatment strategies have helped save millions of lives. However, medical professionals still face some major issues during the treatment of patients, mainly due to the unavailability of complete medical records of the patients. To overcome this problem, it is vital that all health care professionals and facilities start maintaining electronic medical records.

Maintaining medical records electronically, will not only help in the total computerization of health care services, but will also ensure the provision of better health care services to patients. This paperless technology can go a long way in helping medical practitioners to enhance their efficiency in medical operations, decision support systems, and providing high quality and inexpensive medical care facilities to people from all walks of life. The system also helps in saving valuable time as medical test reports and analysis can be viewed by the doctors immediately, which can help them in starting the treatment without having to wait for the reports to be delivered to them.

The efficient management of patients’ documents for an infinitely long time as well as their easy and timely updation is the key attraction of maintaining medical records electronically. Additionally, doctors can share information as well as case histories over the internet in real time and also view the past medical history of a patient without making any guesses which is often the case with old medical records as they tend to fade with time. What’s more, maintaining electronic medical records reduces the risks of losing patients’ records because of theft, fire or natural calamities. Their storage is also not an issue as a single disk can hold vast amounts of data for decades.

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    Their storage is also not an issue as a single disk can hold vast amounts of data for decades.