Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Electronic Medical Records - Providing Efficient Healthcare

Computers have revolutionalised the way every industry works now. Even medical care facilities are not left untouched and have benefitted tremendously by the advances in technology. However, the unavailability of complete medical records of the patients still pose a major hurdle in the smooth and hassle free treatment of patients. This problem can be sorted out if all health care professionals and facilities were to start maintaining electronic medical records.

To achieve total computerization of health care services is it pertinent that every health care facility should start maintaining medical records electronically. This step will also ensure the provision of better health care services to patients. Paperless technology will help medical practitioners in taking quick and efficient decisions in case of medical operations, and in providing high quality and inexpensive medical care facilities to people from all walks of life. It will allow doctors to view medical test reports and analysis at a click of a button, thus saving lot of precious time. This will enable them to start the treatment without having to wait for the reports to be delivered to them.

When medical records are maintained electronically, then it allows medical facilities to not only efficiently manage patients’ documents for an infinitely long time but also enable easy and timely up gradation. It also makes it easy for doctors to share information as well as case histories over the internet in real time. They are able to view the past medical history of a patient for efficient decisions instead of having to rely on faded medical documents recorded on paper.
Last but not the least, withelectronic medical records there are no chances of losing patients’ records because of theft, fire or natural calamities. Their storage is also not an issue as a single disk can hold vast amounts of data for decades.

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