Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Let us know the Benefits of Electronic Medical Records

Electronic Medical Records are the fastest ways to access any patient’s information in the health care industry. These records have changed the way the health industry function by providing a personalized approach to the medical care and assistance. These services help to save resources like time and cost that are important for staying float in the competitive market.

An electronic medical record serves as an essential component of automated health information systems. Healthcare professionals and administrators benefit from the use of these records as it enhances their efficiency and expertise. This paperless technology is proving to be crucial for various medical facilities by improving their services. These records find their uses in healthcare services, hospitals, medical institutions and laboratories.

Advantages of Electronic Medical Records -

  • They help to manage the patient’s medical reports and the medical documentation process in an organized way.

  • It is easy to scan the existing records of a hospital to an EMR storehouse. The constant updating of these records adds to the efficiency of any health care facility.

  • EMRs are enormously helpful in upgrading security systems and furnishing better quality systems. They have helped to make the health delivery process much more effective.

  • EMR companies involve crucial technologies and proficiency to convert the records into electronic format.

  • The medical professionals can easily capture data at the onset of treatment procedures. They can now easily put together this data from various sources.

  • Physicians now have the advantage of speedy decision making due to the apparent and fast accessibility of desired information.

  • Types –

    These medical records are of two types and are discussed below,

    Web-based: This type of EMR offers a broad spectrum of solutions together with free online systems, shareware systems and cloud-computing products etc.

    Client-server: This type of EMR is the conventional choice for many organizations. It finds its uses by long-term care physicians, and is stored on the proprietor's server.

    The healthcare industry is benefitting from the use of these records as it helps to increase productivity and serve the patients better.

    Electronic Medical Records have helped in delivering high quality, valuable and cost effective healthcare solutions all over the world. For more details, please visit

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